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New to LOOKEN?

LOOKEN helps you search, discover and buy all kinds of products and services. We refer to that process as LOOK. FIND. SHOP. Whether you're looking for clothes, car parts, something to do or a place to eat you've come to the right site!

What is a FIND?

LOOKEN provides shoppers a state-of-the-art user experience to search millions of products and services that are available for purchase. When shoppers search on LOOKEN, the search results are referred to as ‘FINDs’

Need an account?

You can use LOOKEN without an account; however, to fully expeience LOOKEN an account enable the following functionality:

  • Bookmark your FINDs
  • Save your searchs
  • Share your FINDs

Current Features

Enhanced Search

Explore by refining your initial query based on statistics of actual FIND data in the system.


Explore based on categorization of content; chose from twenty three top level categories and extensive subcategories.


Explore based on location relevance; current merchants cover United States and Canada.

Points of Interest

Explore based on a points of interest such as sport stadiums, recreational areas, tourist destinations, etc.

What's Trending

Explore based on what other users are showing the most current interest in.

AnyWhere Access™

Explore from nearly all browser based devices with our AnyWhere design; with no need to download an app.

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